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Barrie WETT Inspection –  Report Issued at time of Inspection

People heating their home with a Wood Burning appliance ( wood stove, fireplace, pellet stove ) will most likely require an inspection by a WETT Certified technician.  WETT is an acronym for Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT Inc.)  

We Provide WETT Inspections to Barrie, Alliston and Orillia.

Certified WETT Inspector

Barrie WETT Inspections

We can provide same day inspection services or will arrange a site visit within 48 hours.

Can I get a WETT inspection or WETT certificate?

There is no such thing as a WETT inspection, nor can any appliance be WETT certified. What is issued is an inspection report based on applicable codes and standards by someone who is WETT certified. WETT frequently gets requests for a “WETT Certificate,” a “WETT Certification,” a “WETT Approval” or they ask if it’s a “WETT Certified installation.” We also get requests for companies that are “WETT Certified.” These are common misconceptions – they do not exist. What you need to do is contact a WETT trained professional to inspect your wood-burning appliance. WETT has adopted a process to help identify the level of inspection required. We call this SITE.

Insurance companies only require a Level 1 WETT Inspection

Level 1 WETT Inspection is defined as – “Readily Accessible” Readily Accessible can be described as quickly or easily reached for inspection. It would not require the use of special tools for opening or the removal of any panel, door or other covering; nor would it require the use of ladders. A tape measure, light, mirror, hammer, camera, magnifying glass and binoculars shall comprise the usual tools required to perform this type of inspection.

How Long is a WETT Inspection Valid For ?

The  inspection report only records what was seen at the time of the inspection. After completing a WETT Certified Inspection, the inspector has no control over, nor knowledge of, any changes that may take place on a wood-burning appliance installation.  Consequently, an inspection report can only attest to condition of installation at time of inspection.

Barrie WETT Inspections has been a Certified WETT Inspector for over 15 years.

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