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The Collingwood WETT Inspector


We inspect your Wood Stoves, Fireplace Inserts,  Fireplaces and Pellet Stoves to ensure they meet installation requirements specified by the appliance testing agency.

Prior to calling for a WETT Certified Inspection you may want to check and see if your stove is certified by an accredited laboratory. The most common Testing Agencies are CSA, Underwriters Laboratory (ULC),  UL (United States), Warnock-Hersey, and OMNI testing Laboratories. They will have a sticker on the appliance (usually on the back) that specifies the required clearances around the stove. This certification also comes into play in a few other aspects of the installation. If it’s not certified it will require 48 inches clearance in every direction from stove.   Distances from combustibles can be reduced with approved heat shielding.

WETT is a training organization.
As such, WETT trains people who wish to get involved with the sale, installation, inspection and maintenance of

Why You Need a WETT Inspection
“wood” heating appliances. Once people complete the training program and acquire enough experience,
they become WETT certified in the specific area for which they sought training.

WETT certification implies that they have met the educational and experience requirements.

WETT currently does not prescribe any specific inspection processes.
Inspections are completed by members for a variety of purposes including insurance requirements, code compliance,
emissions control, safety and checking for signs of deterioration or malfunction.

Inspections are one of many services performed by WETT certified professionals.

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